Toybit Quest Wiki - Part 3 - Room Modifiers

I created Room Modifiers as a way to make each room unique. They appear in each room randomly and provide a different challenge for the player. 

Ground Shock 

  The ground shocks in the corners of the room, which damage the player when hit. 


Fidget Spinner

  Alternates shooting projectiles in four directions diagonally and then 4 directions vertically and horizontally

Projectile Shooter

Two Chinese finger traps are in the room which shoot projectiles

Movement Reduction

Movement speed of the player is reduced while in the room

Attack Speed Reduction

 Attack speed of the player is reduced while in the room

Cooldown Projectiles

When the player uses one of there cooldown abilities projectiles shoot from enemies in the room

Lootfind Reduction

Zero lootfind while in this room

Treasure Enemy

This enemy appears in the room for a few seconds and then disappears. If attacked enough it drops coins.

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